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Why Y2B

When students arrive on a college campus, they are immediately bombarded with influences contrary to Christianity and the results have been devastating:
75% of Christian youth abandon their faith after High School.

Y2Believe (Y2B) is mounting a full-scale effort to reverse these alarming trends by addressing issues as they arise in High School. Y2B engages students on public high school and middle school campuses with compelling evidence from history, philosophy, and science that support the truth of Christianity while giving them an opportunity to respond to the Gospel.

Y2B partners with existing Christian ministries on public school campuses, bringing lively discussions on topics of significant interest to students. These core discussion topics (the Apologetic Fundamentals) are address with students over 4 weeks :

  • Who are you? What is Truth? Are there Moral Absolutes?
  • What Evidence is there that God Exists?
  • Is the Bible Trustworthy?
  • Why is there So Much Evil in the World?

Y2B instills students with clear, rational, open-minded thinking skills informed by apologetic evidence. Teaching students to think critically allows them to provide engaging responses to challenges to their faith based on evidence. Students engage their peers to evaluate why they believe what they believe and to support their truth claims with evidence.

Y2B empowers students with life-changing irrefutable evidence for biblical truths while sharpening student’s skills for winsome engagement. Y2B develops students to become the most magnetic and prominent influencers on campus leading their peers to live the best life as God intended and then going on to live out the Great Commission all their lives.