Y2Believe trains select college students to become Apologetic-Evangelists (AE’s) on local public high school campuses. Capitalizing on the respect afforded by younger students towards older students in a process we call “Near-Peer Mentoring,” college students become exceptionally effective mentors to their younger peers in high school and middle school.

AE’s facilitate student-focused discussions on the public high school campus, working in partnership with existing public high school ministries. Y2B is a true partner, rather than competitor, with ministries like the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) in SWFL & New Horizons.

Y2Believe will expand nationally as AE’s will be required to replicate themselves every year by recruiting one or more college student(s) to become their apprentices, effectively passing the baton to their peers, providing an exponential growth multiplier supporting future growth.

During their apprenticeship in our Apologetics-Evangelism Training Program AE’s are paid $1K per high school while they are learning the fundamentals of becoming a Y2B missionary. Each campus will require about 6-8 hours per week learning and leading discussions and engaging with students and ministry leaders over an 8-week period of time (per school). Long-term sustainability is insured as Y2B trained AE’s will be required to raise their own support in order to continue their mission with us.

Funding can limit (or accelerate) our growth plans

Y2Believe intends to mentor 10 apprentices in the 2019/2020 school year and double it annually…next year the 10 will become 20+, then the 20+ will become 40+, (an exponential multiplier)… If Y2B can maintain an attrition rate of 15%, we can reach every high school campus in America in 15 years!

Y2Believe is committed to grow as quickly as funding allows. Our God is able to deliver on these aggressive objectives and the Y2Believe Team is wholly trusting God alone to provide (Rom. 4:21) in abundance through people like you. Become part of the solution! Prayerfully consider Y2Believe in your gifting plans. Help the next generation equip their peers to change the world for Christ!

The video below shows that our growth has not kept pace through the decades is a wake-up call. Now is the time to engage the world in the cause of Christ!

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